What are plan credits?

:wave: Please note: Cycles can currently be converted to credits. You can convert all of your Cycles or choose a specific amount from your available balance.

To convert your Cycles, please submit a support ticket by clicking the “?” on replit.com

At this time, credits apply to subscription purchases, but they do not apply to Autoscale Deployments. However, we are actively discussing a way to include this option in the near future. We’ll be sure to provide updates as they become available.


What “issue” should we select to change our Cycles into Credits?


Please choose “Billing”.


Are we no longer able to use the Google Form for it?

when i submitted the g-form, i didn’t get a response in like 2 months, so don’t count on it. Reminds me of the DMV.

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:wave: To initiate a conversion request, please submit a support ticket first. The form submission is also needed, but filling out the form does not trigger a support ticket so it might not be noticed by us in Support to actively work on.


If I already converted Cycles to credits, would I still eventually be able to use them towards Autoscale Deployments, or do I need to wait until the “tool” comes out? In that case I’d like to hold my request for conversion.

:newspaper: As of today, we’ve migrated from Cycles payments to usage-based billing where you can now use credits to pay for cloud services like Reserved VM Deployments, Storage, Outbound Data Transfer, and Autoscale Deployments. Credits are used when you are invoiced for usage-based billing overages, as explained in more detail on our pricing page.

If you have any remaining Cycles, you can exchange them for credits here:


We’ve also shared more details about this change in our support docs:


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@Kim-er-lin How do we convert cycles to plan credits, or even possibly money?

Only Cycles from bounties can be cashed out. You need to email cashout@replit.com


Got it. Are usage credits automatically applied to your plan? Also, does anyone know if we have a allotted monthly credits, specifically for Reserved VMs, as @soren mentioned?

This has not been implemented yet.

Will Cycles be discontinued eventually? If so, how will Bounties work: USD, Bitcoin, or credits directly? I have a Bounty that is lasting until November 2024, and I’d like to still get paid. I also could not find any Bounties terms anywhere except for the Cycles terms.

But are credits used for plans, if I wanted?


Cycles will only be used for Bounties moving forward.

So the point is that you can only do anything with that once you make enough?

If I exchange my cycles for plan credits, will I still have to add a credit card to use any deployment features?


@GrimSteel Supposedly you still do need a card (although it costs nothing)

Is there a way to view how many credits you have?

We don’t have a good way right now see how many total usage credits you have (i.e., the current balance), but team is looking to build something out for that purpose (probably also in the CLUI but we’ll let you guys know once it’s out).