What are anon mods and when am I allowed to ping?

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@AydenBG1 Anonymous (anon) mode is when a moderator appears has anonymous<sum num>instead of their real account. And yes that rule (rule 11) doesn’t say pinging but it gives moderators authority to make that call


i understand the rule but if i dont know that their a mod im not going to listen to them thats like someone givvingthemsellfs the usernme anonymous 5 and then telling me what to do

Makes sense. I asked about making it so their accounts have the moderator flair (the checkmark)

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yeah that would be nice or just yk they could use their own account cause being anonymous dosent even help cause people arent going to listen

or if they are going to tell someone to do something go to their main acc that would fix the whole isue

The reason we (moderators) don’t always use our main account is that we don’t want to be notified of replies (that’s my guess for this time), don’t want to be attacked for an action or something else. Moderators and Admins are able to view what anon account belongs to who though.

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do anon accounts have permissions?

In the back end of discourse they are almost identical to a brand new account unless the mod gives them TL4 or something of the likes

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Anon accounts now have the mod flair and title



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