/.well-known folder and CORS

How could I create a .well-known folder inside my project?


I have been trying to create a /.well-known folder for SSL certificate activation and Nostr NIP-05 identification. I also need to update the CORS policy.

Replit provides you with their own SSL certificates, why do you need different ones?

I wasn’t aware of that until just now, I had SSL issues for a bit but that got resolved after a while. I still need to be able to edit the CORS policy and add a /.well-known folder for the NIP-05 identification though.

Just return whatever header you need for CORS with each request. (Wish I could be more help than that, but I don’t know Next.js)

That I don’t understand, couldn’t you just add a folder for that? (I don’t know what that folder is for though, nor how Next.js works, so I could be wrong here)

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