Welcome to Beat Music!

Hello! We are the Beat team, we are working on a music bot that can play music from Spotify and other platforms (not including YouTube). We are looking for team members to help out with the project (you will not be paid), so if you would like to help out please private message us! We will be making the code and putting it on Github, as we want Beat to be open source, but because we don’t have money to upgrade to a plan our repel will be public so we will somehow have to find a way to hide our token and our hosting URL. We look forward to meeting all of you!

See you around,
The Beat team


yoo, awesome! you can use secrets!


Hello, thanks for reaching out to us! Thank you for telling us about this, we will definitely be using Replits “secrets” tab!

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Do you think you might get copyright striked by the similarly named Beats Electronics?

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Hello everyone! We are currently in need of Discord bot scripters to script a Discord music bot that will play music from Spotify and other platforms (not including YouTube). We are also looking for people to script our website using Replit. You will be coding both with “Node.js”. If you want to work for us, you MUST be 13+, have Discord, know how to code Node.js. You will also be working for free, and will be given credit for your help and will be asked if you would like to stay long-term (if we like what your doing). If you would like to apply please privet message us!

About us:

We look forward to working with you,
@BeatMusic team, @MrBagel21

i don’t have discord, but know node js, and am looking forward to the spotify apis!

This sounds more like volunteer work, than just work… (nothing against it)


Hello, thanks for reaching out! We do not think we will be sued by them due to that we are a music bot thats named Beat and they are a big company who makes electronics

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Hello, thanks for reaching out! Yes this would be volunteer work due to we not having money to pay people

What language are you using? I’m interested if it’s in Python as that’s the only language I build discord bots in

i use node.js to build bots invisibleone

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Only working for cash sorry

We will be using Node.js

If you like working with Node, pm @BeatMusic

Thats ok! Maybe once we start earning money we will pay staff

@BeatMusic is there a specific age requirement in order to contribute? Also what language(s) do you use?

Did you even read the post, lol?

Hello, thanks for reaching out! As we have stated in our message, you MUST be 13+, and you will be coding in Node.js

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Hello everyone! We are in need of some more users who will be able to make a website and status page for Beat. You will be coding with Node.js in Replit. Just like the other jobs you will not get paid, but will be given credit. If you are interested please privet message us!

The @BeatMusic team

lmao, have u done more than 1 bounty before?