Weird url when trying to host a website

Hi! So for the past years I’ve always used replit for website hosting, because it’s free 24/7 and you can kinda choose a custom url (exept for the but I did not really care about it).
Now when I wanted to host a new website (my newest project):

The url is weird and long and doesn’t have the name of my project. Instead, there are all of these weird numbers and all that stuff. But back then the url was for example websitename.sunnymk(myname), when I made a website.

Why is that? How can I fix that or it the old url based system now with a charge?

Thanks to everyone helping me out !

When you pay Replit and deploy your website, you’ll get a URL.


This is because Replit has removed legacy hosting and replaced it with these domains, which somewhat act like localhost.
To change it with a customised domain, you need to deploy your repl.
Hope this helps!


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