Webview working, but can't access website in browser

Problem description:
Can’t access the website in a browser (any browser). I can see it in the webview but if I click on the link to open it in a new tab it doesn’t work. Same thing if I try to directly type it in a new browser.

Expected behavior:
The website is supposed to load

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


hi @TommyPC can you provide a link to your Repl?

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Hi @TommyPC I forked your repl after getting a connection error and it ran fine:

I can only suggest that it is something to do with how you have set up your custom domain

is there a guide on how to setup the google domains custom domain to my replit? Because it used to work yesterday and I haven’t changed anything but now it doesn’t work anymore

I set it up using A type as DNS settings

Can you try removing the custom domain information from your repl? Then see if it works ok again.

There is not a guide to setting up google domain custom domain on replit. Did you set it up yesterday?

I removed it and now it works. I did set it up yesterday.

Ok. Not sure if you’ve already looked at this doc on custom domains via replit?

Thank you Ian, I used this guide yesterday but it seems like I forgot to add a TXT section. Now it seems to be working, and waiting for the https to update. Have a nice day!

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