Webview Says "Not Found" When Code is Run

Question: Why does my website not show when I run my code? I forked and ran my code from another replit account, but when I tried in my account I got the screen that can be seen in the screenshot below.

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This is a bug. I’ve noticed it a lot too. Just press Run again and maybe refresh the webview. If that doesn’t work then change “srcdoc” to “/” (without the quotes).


@BaileyWilliams6 May I ask for the Repl where you forked this from? I’d like to try and reproduce, and perhaps fix this in the future if we can.

Here’s the replit link: https://replit.com/@BaileyWilliams6/Bailey-Williams-Light-and-Sound-Game-1#README.md

Thanks in Advance,
Bailey Williams

It is not Repl-based. When you do some actions in a specific order it causes a glitch where it leaks srcdoc into the value of the URL.

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Make a topic in Bug Reports, then?

Yeah but it was too rare and nobody else is making a topic despite acknowledging it.

Delete srcdoc and press enter, or you can try going to the output tab rather than webview. Remember to run the repl and make sure there are no errors

hey i have that glitch too, in one of my websites

@boston2029 Yeah, I can’t reproduce it even with forking this Repl. I think I’ve seen it some time ago but I am not sure what I did. I’d sure like to figure out what triggers it.

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I have the same problem, except it shows “/” in the url instead of “srcdoc”

I have the same issue and that didnt help, any other advice?

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It should go away after going back into it, maybe try closing out the webview, closing the page, reopening, then pressing the run button?

I found that renaming the “index.html” file to anything else will cause this issue. Please get back to me whether you have have a fix, besides renaming it back to “index.html”

@JoshuaGerardoG This is expected behavior. With an HTML Repl, the root page is always index.html. This is the convention and standard for this Repl. If you have a file already written with a different name, you can rename it to index.html.

If you would like to see different behavior, please feel free to make a feature request: