Webview rendering with incorrect repl url

Problem description:
There is a problem with the webview for some projects… There are extra hyphens (-) being inserted into the iframe url just after the username instead of a ..


If the extra hyphens are removed after the username works


Expected behavior:
The webview preview iframe should be set appropriately. This could be an issue due to an untrimmed username or project


Actual behavior:
The webview iframe produces a 404 with the message

%3C%3E–.repl.co ’s server IP address could not be found

Steps to reproduce:
create a fork of the following project.

team join url: https://replit.com/team/codeworks-precourse


Bug appears at this link:

All chromium Browsers

You can use double hyphens or a single period to separate the Repl name and user name in the link to a website hosted in Replit.

These links are not the same.

This does not let me join the team, and I really don’t want to join a random team without cause either.

The Repl must be private as this link is a 404 and the team has no listed Repls.

Could you please provide more info, such as a code snippet, or preferably make the Repl public, so that we can better help you?

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