Webview not working in html/css/js repl

Problem description:

The Webview just shows a white screen for some students, and the clicking on Developer Tools also has no effect. I don’t know how repls work behind the scenes, I need some debugging help from someone in the community (or maybe someone at Replit.com could help – that would be cool).

Expected behavior: I expect to see a preview of their website / developer tools appear.

Actual behavior: I see a white screen

Steps to reproduce: Launch the repl, try and view it in the webview, or click on developer tools.

Bug appears at this link: This is a Teams for Edu repl, so I can’t share it.
Browser: Safari

OS: macOS Sonoma

Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank):
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:
Plan (Free, Hacker, Pro Plan): Team for Edu

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I don’t have a solution for that problem per say but I do know from experience the webview is unreliable. Between that and the fact that it is always going to be smaller than the target screen (unless the target screen is mobile), I’d recommend opening the site in a new tab. This is still an issue though.

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Thanks for that advice, CoderElijah. I’m grading numerous projects, and so I like to be able to see their work at a glance, with a minimal number of clicks.

I had read something about the file name length being an issue, and renaming it seems to have solved the problem, but there was no warning whatsoever, when I was creating the project for my students, that there would be an issue. This is apparently a known bug, and ought to be easily (I would hope, on a well-architected system) be squash able. I would love to hear from the Replit engineers what’s going on …

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Not the repl name? I know that the repl name causes this problem too.

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