Webview link not showing

I haven’t been on replit for a while, and i just noticed that my replits doesn’t have a webview link no more. Which i don’t know why. I have tried a few steps for the internet, but none of them seems to work. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I have tried a few steps on the internet*, but none seems to work.

If your talking about webview from the developer side, im not sure. If your talking about the version on the repl’s cover page, recent changes have made it so that others wanting to use your repls have to either fork them, or the repl needs to be deployed so they can use the website instead.

I would recommend that you check the updates section of ask to catch up on recent changes to replit, as in the last couple months there have been some major changes to the website.

To get your repl’s link, you can either deploy your repl or open your repl in a new tab.

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