Webview for bot test on web application flask not working

Does anybody know why I can’t test this bot in the webview via flask? tried changing port from 5000 to 8080 and it didn’t do anything. The webview is just white when pasting in the url as you can see. thanks in advance for any help.

Changes to Hosting on Replit! This is why. (I believe) Same thing happened to all my bots.

You should just be able to open it in a new tab, however keep in mind that if you want your bot to stay alive, you’ll have to deploy it.

So what do you do for testing them?

Am I even putting in the right url? It doesn’t seem to work when i open it in a new tab. Also I just saw this but don’t know if that is the problem:

Try clicking this button:

Right now, i don’t. Since my entire project wont stay alive without them making my core memebership useful. I think they’re working on something… but its not a right now fix from what i hear.

Wait I got a message now i just put start after / in the url

weird though I get 404 not found when pressing that button

Looks like that’s your program’s fault not replit. I see a bunch of 404s on / in the logs of your original screenshot


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No 404 when I put start up there. This is what I got then

Try adding the /start to the end of the url when it opens in a new tab as well

Yup works as well

Hi @vigelevate !
Basically the reason it now works is because the Webview bar is for routes and bot the full url, neuther can it support ip address thing viewing via hosting.
If you don’t have a / route, I suggest you add this line:

from flask import [...], redirect
def home_route():
  return redirect('/start')

This redirects the program to /start whenever you run the repl.
Hope this helps!

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