Webview error using post and php

When in the small webview with the editing blocks, I always get an error message when using the post method for the form. However, when I open the webview in another tab, it works perfectly fine.
The error message in the small webview is always around something like that : Warning : Undefined array key “nom” in /home/runner/IMC/traitement.php on line 2.

Can someone please help me?

Assuming you’re talking about this, I think your problem may actually be related to this post since in both cases the Webview fails to do something correctly when there’s a form involved that is sending a POST or GET method.

I’m not entirely sure why there’s a problem since your code is valid (and so was the code from the other post), but it’s not a bug in your code at least.

For now, just see the result by using the Open in New Tab button until this problem is no longer an issue.