Webview doesn't work on one PC, but work on other


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Hi @neBill , welcome to the forums!
Could you send a screenshot of the issue on the other PC?

Hi @neBill !
This is because it’s a bug - repl.co is removed, and is replaced with replit.dev, but the Webview shows repl.co, so it won’t work.
Try opening your repl in a New tab to view the website.
Hope this helps!

It doesn’ t works for me. New tab shows repl.co

On other PC in other place it works good - new tab shows replit.dev

Try changing the domain at the end to replit.dev in a new tab.
Edit: this seems like a similar bug to:

Until recently (about a month ago), everything worked perfectly on this PC. However, now it doesn’t even work with replit.dev, but through VPN, it works well with repl.co.

Change the DNS server to Google (Public DNS) and it’ll work!

unfortunately third-party DNSs don’t work in my system

thanks for your help anyway

That won’t work here, since it’s the wrong domain entirely.