Webview buttons inconsistently spaced

Problem description:
The buttons next to the URL bar on the Webview are spaced unevenly.

Expected behavior:
The buttons are evenly spaced.

Actual behavior:
There is a big gap between the :wrench: Devtools and New Tab buttons.

Also the spacing here is a bit strange:


And if you have a custom domain connected:

Also… On the desktop app:

Steps to reproduce:
Create/open a Repl that opens a Webview, on the website and desktop app.

Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA: 1.0.4


Thank you for reporting this @QwertyQwerty88 and for all the excellent details. We’ll bring the spacing issues to the attention of our internal teams so we can decide how to best address this in a future update.


@SuzyAtReplit any updates? It’s been 3 months. I assumed this wouldn’t be too difficult to fix, as it’s just spacing.

Thanks for the followup. Still on backlog since it’s a lower priority item, but I’ll check with the team.