Websocket Pygame repl not allowing output

I have a Repl set up with websockets and a pygame window, but when i go to try and open the output, it won’t load, does anybody know why?

I need the websocket to send images over but it just won’t load the output.

Can you provide a picture?

It just keeps loading until it hits an error page on there, not a web browser error, just a normal error about not being able to connect, it has connected before, but it just doesn’t load most of the time. On my repls without sockets being opened, the output connects near instantly.

Not sure what could be causing it.

I do experience a lot of the Output loading or putting out an error which I can usually resolve. Since yours may sometimes connect, try this solution when your output is stuck on loading or an error:

1 - Run the repl with the run button

2 - While it is running, refresh the output in any way of three ways:

  • (only when “There is an error connecting to the server”) click “Try again” button
  • Close the Output tab in IDE, then create a new tab and turn it into an Output tab.
  • Refresh the browser tab (works less than the other two methods)

Otherwise, I guess the extra traffic might be messing up connection? Maybe sending and receiving less stuff would help?

ive tried all of those, and settled on using it as a server in the middle, bad for the outbound data though 3:

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