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I created a project on node, and I have an error from the site page giving the wrong site address.

:wave: welcome @kacuner

it’s not the “wrong” URL. replit changed its hosting, so instead of https://<repl-slug>--<username>, you now get https://<repl-id>.<repl-cluster>-00-<some chars>

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and after how long will the normal address be? And in general, is it possible to add your domain to free

I don’t really understand what you’re saying

this is the normal address now.

if you want to connect a custom domain, you’ll have to deploy, so you need to connect a credit card

I see, but how do I connect a Russian card? I meant in the future update, there will be a normal address, for example “

select “Russia” from the country dropdown?


nope. the reason is because this URL is not supposed to be shared with others, it’s just supposed to be for development purposes only

understood thanks , Have a good working time

thanks, but most people here (including myself) are actually community members who volunteer our time :slight_smile:


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