Website Deployment Help!


I am a Replit fanboy and want to turn my website I made on here into a legit website. I already made the basics of it, but I can add more once I get it out there. I just don’t know the next steps to take to make it official.

I saw that through Replit you can “Deploy” a single project and have it run, and if you aren’t a big company then you can just deploy it using “Cycles.” I was wondering if this is correct, and if it is, could I get a URL to host my site to through Replit? I saw documentation about linking the URL, but I thought I would just try to do everything through Replit (I love Replit).

This is my personal account, but lets say I want to make this website seem more legit, should I host the website and edit it through my “company” account? I don’t actually have a company and don’t expect to make any money through this website besides ads, but I just don’t know anything about how to make this website or any future website seem more legit. I heard about LLCs, but I just want to make projects under a name to be referred by. I also see sites have Terms of Service and other fancy legal things. Do I really need a company name or legal page or even something like “Accept Cookies” for my site or any sites I make?

I just need some advice from a Replit worker who helps deploy projects or a community member with experience creating an official website to reply or possibly set up a virtual meeting with. I would have liked to email someone, but I guess the only way to ask questions anymore is through this forum. I don’t want to get in trouble because the website I hopefully deploy through Replit isn’t official. I am just a little programmer looking to share projects with others :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance,

Hey @Ryrulz welcome the forums!

No you don’t need those unless you want to have them.

So let me get this straight you want to deploy a Repl and you want to link a domain? To get the domain you have to purchase one (unless you have one). Then do domain linking in the Repl and copy the records and paste them into your domain provider, then in the Repl link it and boom, soon you should have a linked domain. To deploy you can use cycles and choose whichever deployment option tickles your fancy and select it and after purchase it shouldn’t take but up to a few hours to connect. After that you should have a deployed website with a custom domain. If you have problems with linking I can help. Hope this helps!


Wow, thanks! Yes, I would have to purchase the domain, I just thought Replit might have something set up to do it through here. Yes, I guess I was correct about the cycles, its just that I saw other business models for Teams and didn’t know if that was a better option, but with this new Deployment feature I guess that is the way to go. I think there were options for different performance/handling for more users, but I can always upgrade that, right? Thanks for the help/clarification. I’ve never managed a site before, I’ve just been learning for a while and don’t know how to get my work out there.

@Ryrulz yes, sadly Replit doesn’t do domain registration and you have to do it externally. If you want you don’t have to do deployments, they just give more space I believe (and power), and changes don’t show up unless you want to update it.