Webserver pings reverted replete

Problem description:
I had changed the name of my replit, and it has a webserver, and one of the pinging services i used, freshping, was still set to ping the old webserver name and everything
Expected behavior:
I assumed that it would just mark everything as offline

Actual behavior:
Upon checking today, the replit name had been reverted, and I know it wasn’t anything that happened with my full account because replits i made after were still there

Steps to reproduce:
Create a python flask webserver and set up pinging using freshping
change the name of the replit and restart the program so that the webserver changes name

Bug appears at this link:

note that it won’t be visible


Try using your repl’s id.repl.co link. (I think this is intended behavior)
To get your id.repl.co link, run this in the shell:

echo $REPL_ID.id.repl.co

Then have your pinger ping that.

The repl-slug.repl-owner.repl.co URLs will change when repls are renamed, but the .id.repl.co URLs are specific to the actual repl, so they won’t change.

What they’re saying is that replit reverted the name change because the pinger pinged the old repl name. (Which is weird if that is what happened)

That shouldn’t be able to happen. I hope that’s not the case (because that could maybe be a security issue)

I agree that that behavior should not happen, but that is what their post implies happened.

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yeah that’s what happened 'cause i had changed it, it was tritonbot and i just changed it to mimas bot and then it reverted back today