Web View Went Blank after Run

I am roughly 75% through my little HTML refresher course & all of a sudden Replit won’t load the the web view. The last change that was made to the file was just to change the color of a link. I’ve since tried to delete that, but it doesn’t make any difference. Has anyone else run this problem & if so- do ya have some pointers for how to resolve this dilemma?


Yup it’s a glitch happening right now, it has happened for me too. The website still loads when opening in a new tab though. Also I think a possible cause for this is an error in js/css/html code bcuz once I purposely made an error and the webpage went blank after reloading, but upon opening in a new tab it still worked.


Wow another user that i actually like seeing on the site

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Thanks @MiloCat for confirming it was a glitch. Hopefully it’ll be working for you now @JourneysFutpath ?

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