Web output not displaying

Problem description: I do not see my out put on same sacreen but when I open new window I can see it.

Expected behavior: i want to see it on same screen i would be easy for me.

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link: https://replit.com/@jynmXD/FORK-THIS-JavaScript-Course-by-Clever-Programmer#yourPlayground.js

Browser/OS/Device: Google chrome / windows/ Asus tuf

If you are trying to view console output within the Replit IDE itself, on the ‘Webview’ tab, you can see a spanner icon on the top right. Click that to view the console.

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I tried it but it did not work.

I believe the staff team is currently investigating this problem, Webview and Output have both been having issues recently, and they will hopefully provide an update as soon as a fix is available.

Does opening in a new tab work?

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yes new tab is working but i hope webview and output would be helpful for me. It is very easy to use.

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Totally agree, one of the main reasons I use Replit. Hopefully this will be fixed soon!

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Meanwhile, I would just split screen two windows for the webview issue, or use the new split screen feature in Microsoft Edge.


I am doing like that only because webview is not working so I open new window and use it for cosole output using inspect element.

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Any advice for this it would be great help guys.

What part do you want advice on?

Also, I wonder if someone could whip up a Replit Extension real quick to act as a console. :thinking: That could work maybe…probably easier than using DevTools as well.

We’re aware of this problem, our leading theory is that this is a network issue.

We’re working on a solution but in the meantime opening the webview in a new tab should allow you to see the output, which will also allow you to use the inspect console (F12 or right-click and select inspect).