We Should Have Some More Specific Categories on Replit Ask, Such as Flask

Why Would This Benefit Replit Ask?
Add some more Code Help categories such as Flask to make things easier for everyone.
What problem(s) would this feature solve?
It makes it so that you can more clearly explain what language and library your project is coded in when asking for support with even less words needed.


I dont think we need a category for every library and framework. But tags for them in their specific lang cat could be helpful.


Is this possible?

We can use tags instead since those can be used for smaller things

Definitely. They should add tags such as Flask, or other libraries to make it easier for people it answer questions.

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@not-ethan How can I bring this to the Replit Team’s attention?

That’s something a tl4 or mod would do. I can do it later today


Thank You So Much!