We now have policies!

We now have policies in a reply on the community guidelines topic. Please read through them and provide feedback and ask questions.


Love these! Esp the school assignments one because I see people just giving out answers a lot lol (I am sometimes guilty of this as well).


Should be:
When asking for assistance with homework, put forth effort into the assignment first before posting your concern. Do not post the full assignment, all users must also not be urged to provide a full solution/write the code for the student. Instead the student should try tips, pointers & minor debugging in order to fully assess their problem.


Should be:
If you use an AI such as ChatGPT to answer a users question, your answer must be thoroughly examined to check for mistakes/possible inappropriate things. The answer also must contain a footer or italic text stating: "This response was generated using ChatGPT."

Note this doesn’t only apply to ChatGPT, it could be any type of AI as long as you just do what is stated.


I’m fine with it the way it is. Let the user decide how to indicate that it’s AI generated content, rather than forcing them to do it a certain way. If the manner in which the user indicates the content is AI generated is unsatisfactory, then it will be dealt with then.


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The problem isn’t the way they indicate it, it’s that people don’t for an example, yesterday I literally caught someone using ChatGPT to answer topics (without stating it). When he got caught up, he just deleted all of his posts. :skull:

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You specified how to indicate it so I said I didn’t think that was necessary.

Is that directed at me? Why?

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No, I believe that was directed at the person who deleted all their AI-generated posts.

I specified the best way to indicate it.

Why would you think, all I did was put a skull emoji b/c of what happened w/ the dude who got caught up.

I am still trying to figure out the full meanings and implications of the skull emoji as it gets used all the time.

Are these new guidelines to help keep the answers accurate and to make help easier?


For policy #2 that is correct. But policy #1 is for academic integrity and so Replit’s image is not hurt in the eyes of schools


im very new this is preety cool


I think it a great idea

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even if some of us dont go to school anymore its still gonna be useful

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