We need an Ask.Replit.com Native app!

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Well, since there is now a Replit App, we should have a Replit Ask App!

This would be nice if we had one for Replit Mobile as well, where the Ask Forums are buried in the profile page at the bottom!

I feel like native notifications would be nice too, rather than subscribing to Browser Notifications!


Use Discourse Hub.
On desktop, you can “install the site as an app” (on Edge, you’ll see a button for this on the right of the address bar, and you can then enable “Auto-start on device login”) and enable “Live Notifications”.
Still want a native app? That’s a request for Discourse, but while it’d probably take less RAM and start up smoother, I don’t think a native desktop app is feasible for them. But theoretically any third-party could make it.


@UMARismyname Most browsers don’t support PWAs. Safari will in 17, Firefox doesn’t, Chrome&Edge do.


Also, this is in the wrong category - it’s not a replit feature request.


Sorry @UMARismyname @Spcfork !
Actually, the mobile app has the forum. Account > Forum. This opens the forum in the app (how I usually use it).
You can open any links within it too, but it has to start with https://. (I access AMC and the Meta with this).

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Yes, I am very aware!
If only there was a better dedicated option only for Ask.

Discourse has an app for all forums that use discourse including AMC and meta. Its called Discourse hub. IOS, Andriod