We don't have the noreply emails for our students to be able to log in

We created student accounts an can no longer use their usernames to log in.

We don’t have the emails these accounts are now associated to, have we lost all of our students work? How can we find out the @teams.noreply.replit.com addresses that have been created for these accounts?

Thank you.


Same issue here. It’s saying their username is not a valid email because it’s missing an @ sign. Previously students would enter their username in place of their email address and their dummy email would get filled out for them.

Unfortunately, since Replit is discontinuing teams for EDU, this has a very low probability to be fixed.

On the other had, I believe the default email for students is user[ID]@teams.noreply.replit.com, where [ID] should be their ID that was assigned to them when they signed up.


Anyone else suffering from the login requiring “user343493@teams.noreply.replit.com” and it sometimes working and sometimes not? It is really frustrating.

How do you access the ID assigned to them if they chose their own username?

Hmm. I think this tool (community made) should work.

Is there a way of doing the inverse: getting the userID from the username? I tried http://replit.com/api/u/n/[username] (with the username filled in) and got a 404.

Edit: Figured it out! The URL is https://id.raadsel.repl.co/api/n/[username]

Edit 2: Student still can’t log in. It says the username or password is incorrect but I don’t believe either are incorrect. I reset their password recently so it should be correct. :frowning:


For student accounts (i.e., those with privacy mode enabled that received the account from a teacher), the expected behavior is that the student tries to login with their username/password and we automatically repopulate the login field with their email address (i.e., the one with “@teams.noreply.replit.com”). Then they just have to press login once more at that time.

This behavior was not happening yesterday, but it should now be fixed and populating correctly. Please feel free to have the student test with a fresh browser session.


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