Warnings for mass following

Why am I getting warnings saying “Mass following is not allowed on Replit. You are currently following 1k people”? There are two people I know who have followed 300k people and why am I getting this warning saying mass following is not allowed?
NOTE: This warning was given to my alt account: @C4TL0RD


Mass following is not allowed on Replit. And others have been warned (and banned I think) for mass following.


I was so excited to discover I was followed by C4TLORD as it is such a fun name. Here is what I know:

  • The usage of any automated script or program to follow people is forbidden.
  • This includes having bots follow people.
  • People who have used such things may be required to undo it.
  • You can’t follow more than x amount of people on Replit. I forgot what the number was.
  • Warnings can be issued for breaking these rules.

Basically, don’t follow lots of people. I’m not accusing you of using a follower script (though if you are, you’d better stop), but rather saying what NOT to do. Replit has a lot of rules like that. I should read the entire ToS because I’m not sure that all of this is in there. I know it didn’t used to be.


To add on to @anon40284853.

I issued the warning and before I did I looked at when your account was made and it was today. So following over 1000 people in just a few hours is unreasonable if you do it by hand. And even if you did its still mass following witch isn’t allowed anyways.


Why isn’t it allowed?

It’s regarded as abusing Replit’s resources which is against TOS (Clause 4, Section 14):

The important part you should note is:


First of all, you need to know that I was NOT using a bot, and this was ALL DONE BY HAND.

I saw a lot of people randomly following others, so I decided to create an alt and do it too. It WAS ALL DONE BY HAND AND CLICKING.


That is very hard to belive because your account was made at 2023-04-14T19:39:53.074Z or 2:39pm EST. And the warning was issued at 4:20pm EST. So in less than 2 hours you followed over 1,000 people by hand. That is unreasonable.

And if they mass followed they also received a warning if we became aware of it.

And remember this forum is not the place to appeal. This is https://contact.moderation.repl.co/


Trust me, I know element1010 and they do not know any graphql/do not even know that that’s how replit works xD
They did all the following by hand. If I wanted to, I could probably follow a few thousand people by just grinding away for a few hours.


True, it was very much like a clicker game. I did do it by hand.


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I thought Replit would limit you when following too many people by hand at once. I thought I tried that a few times and had to stop because I had followed too many people too quickly (even though it was by hand). No mod was involved; this would have been pure Replit website doing this.

I’m following about 3000 people will I get in trouble for it, or is it to little?

Nah, I think you’re fine if you do it over a long period of time


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I have no clue even to what mass following is.

it is when you follow people for no reason and you follow many

There are some people who do it automatically, but all of them are mods or staff, so they have permission.

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Does it really matter that they’re staff? Aren’t they still spamming requests? Why is it OK that they do it? :skull:


At a rate of 5 request per minute and requests can have up to 5 queries, they can follow 25 people every minute. 1500 an hour, and they probably still do less then Pikabot, and they have not removed Pikabot.