Wants team change, and all post made by anon20408722 gets removed or hidden so only anon20408722 and I can see them

I want so users can choose if they want there post hidden/private or public/un private.
Hidden does so only the users and replit staff can see the post’s, that also including No google Search results from the hidden post. the user’s can choose anytime, also when the post had been made., i also want so teams can change there team names every time if they want to, and this including all teams.

by allowing user’s to pick from hidden post or public post, makes user’s more happy it also makes it more secure, and safe for everyone. Doing so teams can change there team names every time makes it better to have a company on replit, it also makes it more secure

as I saw anon20408722 made more things around i could see replit change the user’s name, cuz of copyrighted issues

Welcome to Ask! Can you please clarify your question? There are no teams on Ask, and there are no posts on Replit mainsite. The user @anon20408722 is not a real user, but rather a user whose account was made anonymous, thus purging it of personal info and locking them out.


There are teams on replit’s mainsite
There are post’s on ask.replit.com

So what is the question? Are you making multiple requests? You want teams to be able to change their names and you also want the ability to hide information on Ask? If these are not related you need to make separate feature requests for them. Although the hiding info thing should probably be a request on meta.discourse.org as I don’t think it’s currently an option.


So should I contact replit staff and meta.discourse.org

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