Want to deploy flask application in Multiplayer Programming Session

I was invited for the Multiplayer Programming Session by my client.

Now i want to deploy an application that was created by another team member.

But i cant see the option to Release on top right menu. this option is visible from my account

If you don’t own a Repl, you can’t deploy it. You can test it out by running the Repl and opening the Webview tab.

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i have already created account,

Is this means i need to purchase account ?

No, you won’t need to create another account.

Your client was the one who created the Repl in the first place, therefore meaning that your client owns it. Since the owner of the Repl is your client, you don’t have the permissions to deploy it.

You can fork the Repl and deploy it if you want.

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got it, how can i fork , can you please send screenshot

You can fork a multiplayer Repl by clicking on its title and clicking the three dot menu in the top-right corner of the popover

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 12.22.41 PM

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in that case after frok its asking for purchasing the plan.

this means in Multiplayer programming session i also need to pay ?

You don’t need to pay to use the multiplayer feature, but you do need to pay for deployments.

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if my client have purchased a paid account and he added me to his team but i am using free account, then on behalf of him i cant deploy his code ?

You can ask your client to deploy his code for you.

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this clearly means i cant deploy my team member code , i can just help in doing code for him

Are you in a team Repl? Please send me the relevant links to the Repl and user profiles so I can investigate


no i am not a team member, i am working for one of my clients and he has sent me an invitation for deploying his code. As his account is paid so i was thinking i should be able to deploy his code from my account

May be i am wrong. you can correct me

Like I said earlier, your client is the only one who can deploy his code. You can ask him to do it for you.

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