Want To Come Help Me?

I am making a text-based game and I would like some help. It will follow the main character Jack Macy and a user can decide how he lives. It’s set in 1942 and the player will be able to choose crime or choose a good life or even join WW2 @CoderElijah . Be where this will be a large project that will take a lot of time and effort. There will be a lot of IF statements used. If you want to join me just reply to this or PM me either way works.


Or option 3 Jack Macy joins WWII.

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I don’t understand why you would tell people this, but sure I will help you guys w/ this.

I could help, text adventure games are easy to make. The hard part is just deciding what they’re about.

I made some tools to help with text-based stuff. They need some improvements (I’ve learned a lot since I made them) but feel free to use and modify my functions if they can help.

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You and @QwertyQwerty54 are added to it now.

This reminds me of a game called 1944 I believe. Made by Con Artists Studios. Great game, and my studio would love to help you out. PM me if you need anything.

I am in it right now.

i made some too :smiley:

I made some tools to help with text-based stuff.