Wandb ML Hackathon - "always-on" Repl randomly reconnecting

Problem description:
Losing all progress, environment resetting at random times.

Expected behavior:
Normal functioning as “always-on”.

Actual behavior:
Not always on.

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Always on makes it so when your Repl goes to sleep, it immediately wakes up.

Always on does not effect the IDE itself.

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why would Repl go to sleep while I’m using it? also destroys every other process including those running on GPU…

The dc rc has nothing to do with the Repl going to sleep. Sorry for the confusion!

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can you elaborate on dc rc pls?..

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dc rc: disconnect reconnect

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Hey @vertinski!

We have received the ticket you sent earlier and have sent you an email. I’d be happy to copy the response to this thread if you did not receive the email.


@vertinski They do this to me all the time. I’ll be coding and then it disconnects (not an internet issue), kills the output (console, website, etc.), and then when it reconnects after like 10 seconds it asks me whether to use what I just coded or the last version saved to the server. But yes, it destroys every process. This greatly annoys me, but I put up with it.

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