Waiting for deployment to be ready

I tried to deploy a web app but it seems to stuck at ‘info: Waiting for deployment to be ready’.
Is it normal ?


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Hey, @maximefir54, welcome to Replit Ask. If the deployment is stuck, it’s probably not normal. How long did you wait?


Thanks for your attention!
I noticed that it never ends.

I have these lines on the deployment console :

info: Creating virtual machine - 2023-05-09T22:57:17.926Z
info: Virtual machine created - 2023-05-09T22:57:30.375Z
info: Waiting for deployment to be ready - 2023-05-09T22:57:30.465Z
info: Creating virtual machine - 2023-05-09T23:01:36.570Z
info: Virtual machine created - 2023-05-09T23:01:44.548Z
info: Waiting for deployment to be ready - 2023-05-09T23:01:44.638Z
info: Creating virtual machine - 2023-05-09T23:05:58.663Z
info: Virtual machine created - 2023-05-09T23:06:05.584Z
info: Waiting for deployment to be ready - 2023-05-09T23:06:05.664Z

My server is in flask (but same problem in node js). I also think that the problem is due to “socket.io”. When I remove it from the code, it works. Any idea ?

Thanks a lot!

Huh. Can you please put back socket.io (which is for Node.js, don’t know why you have it in Python) and share the repl? I’ll see if it works (by forking) and run it normally instead of deployment. I don’t think this will do much but may provide more information.

There are versions of socket.io for different languages (like Flask socket.io)

I believe there’s a socket.io server (and client) implementation for python.


There is a python library for flask-socketio. All is working when running normally (locally). How do I share the repl ?

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You can just give this:

https://replit.com/@yourusername/yourproject or you can just tell me the project name, and I’ll find it.

Here’s a guide for sharing your code:


Ok thank you a lot here it is : https://replit.com/@maximefir54/karmva

It works. Here is the server that was started: https://i-like-python.doxr.repl.co/
and here is the project if you want: https://replit.com/@doxr/i-like-python#main.py

I conclude this is a problem with deployments, not with your code. I don’t know how deployments work, but can you try forking your original project and deploying on that fork?

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same issue : https://replit.com/@maximefir54/karmva-fork

Is there any way to see the deployment settings like a wgsi file or anything ?
Thank you!

Could you explain what you’re wanting to see? Replit doesn’t modify your code for deployments, they just put whatever your repl has on its own VM.

I don’t really know. I just don’t understand how @doxr managed to deploy it. I have the same code with the same files. I’m looking for the difference between us… :frowning:

@doxr didn’t deploy it, they just used a normal repl with a repl.co domain afaik. Are you sure that you truly need to have a deployment for your repl? If it’ll work without one, that might be the best (and cheapest) option for your use-case.

I think so. It has work with an iOS app… Nvm I’ll continue to search, thanks

Btw the domain doesn’t care, I can have a repl.co too ?

A normal repl.co domain will work just fine for that, most likely.

Every repl currently gets a <repl title>.<repl owner>.repl.co domain by default. That one works perfectly in most cases, and doesn’t require paying for anything. Deployments are basically just for programs that cannot handle being rebooted and must be running 24/7, anything else shouldn’t need one. Even if you need your website to always be accessible, your repl should start automatically when it recieves an HTTP request, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

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