W3Schools for learning lots of langs

For people that consider themselves to be any level of programmer skill, I would recommend W3Schools! At W3Schools, there is documentation and interactive tutorials for many widely used programming languages, ranging from C++ to JavaScript. Also there is free web hosting and an interactive course for many of the languages available to learn. As someone who has been programming for almost 3 years now, I highly recommend you try W3Schools to learn almost any lang you can think of!

Below are some links to tutorials for languages on W3Schools:


Hey I can speak from experience. I used W3Schools to learn HTML and CSS (along with looking at others code) :slight_smile:

It’s very useful!


Same as EarthRuler for HTML and CSS, for python i’m just mostly self-taught across many different websites


Kind of a paradox though.If you’re self taught acrost mutiple websites, then you aren’t really self taught. But if you don’t stick to one website, then you kind of are self taught for many parts.

Very interest.


Same and I tried learning a bit of JS with it, it was kinda meh so I just used a YouTube tutorial


I first started learning JS properly from CodeAcademy, but eventually I started just searching up basic HTML and made simple pages on GitHub and just experimented or searched MDN docs to figure everything out and make whatever I wanted.


This is why you have the sub-title “Know it all”

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