Vs code ctrl+enter gets me into the next line but in replit it just triggers replit to run the program

I’m not sure how to explain this but I’ll do my best!

So when I was learning web development in vs code. There was a shortcut which is very handy and I’m used to it. It’s ctrl+enter

What it does? Suppose my first line of code is this print("hello|") and my cursor is before the close bracket as I’ve mentioned in it then, it’ll just shift the cursor to next line.

Normally in vs code, When I press “ctrl+enter”. It’ll gets me to new line but if I do with just enter key. It’ll do like this ‘")’

In replit, ctrl+enter triggers to run the program. Im just asking what’s the alternative of “ctrl=enter” in replit?

There might not be one. Replit has to balance between the hosting/running side and the IDE side, so it would have less specialized stuff like keybinds.

You can go into the next line by pressingAlt + Arrow Down on your keyboard.


Thanks @savardo, it’s very helpful!

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Hi, I know it’s strange but Alt+arrow down no longer seems to work. Instead it’s bringing the whole line code to next line

You probably have accidentally selected a character in the line. Deselect it and it should work again

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