VNC repls would be a very nice addition....learn python only and have an accessible app available from a browser

would be nice to be able to deploy VNC repls :heartbeat:

being able to deploy full featured python apps

tried deploying a game usign python that had gui and couldn’t


What deployment did you try, autoscale should work for Python Repls.

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The GUI wouldn’t work (pygame, dearpygui) for deployments.


Same with console. The point of Deployments is for production, and that means like websites and bots are pretty much the only things you can make.

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My feature request is very similar to this. "Development" Deployment

Not really. Can I please picture to you: deploy means to launch; get off the ground. Publish. As in, to production. Development and production are opposites. So why would it make sense to have a Deployment (which means “to push to production”), called “development”, which is a polar opposite of the other word? That topic really just sounds like you using some wordplay to get back what the people want, when it’s not gonna happen in reality.

Because then also, what if you’re out of development and want to go to production? You cancel your old Deployment and have to do it again? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

And OP is not necessarily asking for development, as they said:


A “development deployment” for moving into production wouldn’t work if there’s not even a production Deployment for console and window/GUI Repls. If you’ll be in development forever, why doesn’t it just stay how it is??


It didnt. Used autoscale, but seems like you need an html frontpage for it. So you cannot have a fully python game and deploy it as it is (but you can see the output when you are in replit…on a browser…so to me there’s a shortage of imagination somewhere here). In 1992 I asked my science teacher why we don’t use LEDs for lighting and he told me it wasn’t possible.


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