VNC Graphics Not Working At All

I am building a program using JavaSwing, but the VNC graphics for the output are not showing at all. All I see is the spinning logo.

This has been an issue for some time; usually I just hard reload the program via shell (or kill 1), or reload the page, or fork the repl, but this time none of those are working. Changing wifi, browser, device, etc. also do not fix it for me. I can not see the VNC graphics for my other projects / other people’s projects at all, either.

I’ve seen this happen a few times in the past but have not seen a permanent fix yet. Anyone know how to proceed?

Hi @silverdragon246 welcome to the community!

Can you please post a link to your Repl so that others can investigate and suggest some ideas?

Thank you!
It is not an issue specific to any Repl; The graphics output fromJava Swing is not working for me on any project, including other’s. For example this: GUIProofOfConcept - Java Repl - Replit

Or java swing example - Java Repl - Replit

When I run these programs, it seems to compile fine but no graphical output shows, just the spinning logo.

I’m having the same problem too. Tried all the stuff you did. I have an interview in an hour, if you found anything that works I would love to know!

As of now I still have the same issue unfortunately. For the time being I uploaded my repl code to Github and then transferred to IntelliJ IDEA just so I could keep working; maybe something like this could work for the purposes of your interview?

Good luck by the way!

Hi! I (and a student of mine) am having the exact same problem with Python-with-Turtle projects.

I tried creating an entirely new repl using the Python with Turtle template; even without modifying it at all, it also failed to work. For reference, here it is:

I’ve been having this issue for the last couple of weeks. It is due to my district’s new internet filter. I can access replit and text-coding works fine, but when I try any graphic that uses VNC (pygame, python turtle, java swing) it does not work.

It is not the computers, as they run fine if I take them home. And I can run the replits with graphic vnc on my phone that has a vpn over their network.


I had this issue with my school’s internet filter and python graphics windows.

Replit has instructions for how to whitelist Replit for your filter.

I still got a spinning disk after whitelisting, but the graphics displayed after a browser refresh.

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