VNC deployments are not currently supported

When try to deploy, I find the following error: VNC deployments are not currently supported

Built a streamlit app with the streamlit_agraph component.

Any of you have found this issue? with python graphs or similar?

Thank you!

They will probably be supported soon based on that statement! For now only deploy repls that don’t use VNC

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Thanks! I love your optimism; I don’t feel that confident, though. Hope you are right.

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I have a web-only repl; however, I still get the error.

Good news! You don’t need VNC to deploy a streamlit app.

Here’s a basic deployment of a streamlit app here:

See the readme here:

Would it be possible to manually start a VNC server and novnc on a deployment?

How do I tell which packages make my app a VNC?

From my experience, if your repl has ever displayed a graphical window, it’s permanently converted to a VNC repl.