Vital Changes Needed for The Desktop App

The Replit Desktop app is pretty awesome – we can all agree on that.

But, some core features are missing from the original site, such as the community and profile + settings management. Along with this, when you think of a desktop IDE, you think of a app that can run programs offline! This should be the first and foremost update to the Replit Desktop App.
The Replit Desktop app is pretty awesome – we can all agree on that.

Here’s a list of some vital features that are currently missing:

  • Offline Programming
  • Replit Community (sharing, viewing profiles, following, etc.)
  • Replit Settings and Profile Management

This will require a lot more development as Replit Desktop (I think) takes the data from the web version and puts it here.

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I’d think it be pretty simple: just download the code of a program onto the computer’s set directory for the Replit App and load that in when no connection is found.


The desktop app isn’t supposed to be the website but desktop.
Community probably won’t be added (at least not for a long time anyway) as it’s meant to focus on the editing experience

I’m not sure about that.
To run code offline you need the associated compilers/interpreters installed. You also need to have any package that you’ve used in your code downloaded and ready for offline use.
Here’s the biggest problem: some packages for programming languages are different per operating system. Your code may run fine on your Windows host, for example, but not on a Linux host.


They could still use reproducible environments via containers

what about size? not many people can constantly redownload GBs of containers every time your repl updates.

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