Visual bug on the dropdown where your account buttons are displayed

Problem description:
Scrolling causes a visual error on the dropdown when you click your profile picture

Expected behavior:
To stick

Actual behavior:
Bounces around

Steps to reproduce:
Go to the account page, click the profile picture. then start scrolling up and down

Bug appears at this link:
all links work

opera gx

If you are talking about this pop-up:

It is intended according to Replit Staff.

The bouncing behavior? I have a video of it , ironclad said it was a bug

This also happens to the help menu on chrome os: Screen recording 2022-12-30 8.40.32 AM — Kapwing

I saw @IroncladDev say it was a bug on the Replit Discord and to post it here, so yeah. And if you ask me it’s a pretty easy to solve bug.

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This is in fact a bug, I’ll escalate this to the rest of the team.