Vim mode: period repeats last change wrong when using quotes

Problem description:
When using vim mode, enter text like below (using “i” to into insert mode first, and using “esc” to exit insert mode after the final quote). Upon adding the first, opening quote, replit automatically adds the closing quote, positioning the cursor in between. Finish the insert and press “esc” to exit insert mode.

// "foo"

And then on another line, try to repeat that insert by just hitting the period key.

Expected behavior:
// "foo" is added

Actual behavior:
// ""foo is added

Note the quote marks are before the word ‘foo’ instead of around it.

Steps to reproduce:
See above

Bug appears at this link:

Safari and Chrome on MacOS both show this bug. Haven’t tried other browser / OS

I see that my examples use double slashes (as in: this is a comment) in front of the “foo”, but that is not a requirement for reproduction of the bug. It happens with quoted words, not just in comments.

Hey @MaximBurgerhout!

Thank you for pointing this out. I have sent this to the team and will let you know as soon as I have an update.


Thanks @ShaneAtReplit! You guys make an awesome tool, but the vim keybindings are a bit quirky here and there. More than happy to help test!!