Viewing a Repl's forks does not work

It is impossible to view the forks on some Repls. This has to be a bug since the popup opens but it never actually shows the forks, but it shows the number of them.

Please fix this, Replit team.


Hey @LuisAFK!

Can you please send me a screenshot and the link to the repl that has the broken forks page?

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Here @ShaneAtReplit

Repl is public:

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Hey @ShaneAtReplit! Any updates? This is still broken… but only on some Repls.

Hey! I apologize for the wait, I didn’t get a notification from your reply (or I must have missed it). I’ll send this to the team and will keep you updated!


I am experiencing this problem as well.
UPDATE 2/22/23: Still problematic on some Repls, even templates. And the one I’m looking at has only 14 forks so it’s not like it’s a lot to load.

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I am also experiencing the same