View the results of my students's program executions

Hi @gyszilagyi !
That repl seems to be a fork of what the student sees.
What we would need is the screenshot of the repl in which your student invited you to.

How can I enter the student’s REPL directly?

Did you not say that they invited you to the repl? Try looking under your notifications, or under Shared with me.
EDIT: I see that you cannot view the repl. Maybe a screens recording of the issue when trying to access their repl?

The students invited me, and then they appeared in the “Shared with me” list. Previously, when I right-clicked on their names and opened their REPLs in a new window, I could see the issued commands, the execution messages, and everything alongside their code. This stopped happening a few months ago.

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Id like to note that the screenshot you shared was not of a Repl that was shared with you (Your account was listed as the owner, shared Repls you don’t own), could you take one in a shared Repl?

How can I enter the student’s repl after he invited me. What specific steps should I take? Until now, I entered from the “Shared with me” list, but it seems that it was not correct. Thak, you.

It should work from the “Shared with me” tab, URL shouldn’t include your username if it’s shared with you,

I was able to enter the student repl even though my username was not included, but unfortunately I still can’t see what the student writes in the Shell. Since I can see the Console in both cases, we will work with the Console. Thank you for your support.

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