View submissions that have passed (or not) tests

I have over 90 APCS students that submit projects through Teams for Education. The projects tend to have Input/Output testing.
Is there a way to view a list the student submissions that have passed the test(s)?
I would rather not open all the repls.

You can download the data as a CSV. Go to the project overview then press export.

Hey Ethan,

This is no longer included in the CSV! It now only shows “waiting for review”, I also posted about this here.

Hi @ND-McDowell I’m following this up with Replit support just now. As soon as I get a reply I’ll share here.

Hi all, this should now be resolved and tests should be exported with the CSV again. Can you confirm this?

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They’re back! Thank you!!

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Great to hear @ND-McDowell , thank you for highlighting this!

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