Videos not rendering on mobile browser

Deployed this website through replit - . The video in each card renders correctly on browsers on desktop but not on mobile browser.

However, the video is rendered in the repl app on mobile & desktop -

The videos are loaded from the project.

Any idea how to debug this?

Hi @pritopian , welcome to the forums!
I cannot reproduce this error on mobile, and I can play the video fine. I am using Android.

Ah! thanks for trying. I haven’t checked android. It isn’t working on iOS.

I have successfully reproduced this on iOS 16 Safari. I had a similar issue with this before when it came to video files. I think i used ffmpeg to re-encode the video into a .mov file so that iOS’ quicktime player could play the video properly. Or there is something with this MP4 file that causes it to not play well with iOS.

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Not sure why it works on the repl app ( ) but doesn’t work in the custom domain

I have tried changing the video file format from mp4 → mov → webm. Tried to have the video file on firestore, store them in the web app project. None of them have helped.