Videos cannot be uploaded directly

Continuing the discussion from Here are some bugs that i encountered:

Discourse (Ask at least) doesn’t allow you to upload videos, and you have to link them externally. You can get it to embed them, but if it’s from a repl I don’t know what that would do to your egress.

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We are not hosting Ask in a repl we host with Discourse. I will look into this

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Found the problem. These are the only types of files that can be uploaded

Im fine with enabling videos if @IanAtReplit is


Oops, I thought that you could upload videos as you could upload images.


I didn’t mean to imply that, I meant that the person DH1 was originally talking to had uploaded it to their repl, and I am not sure what embedding that video would do to their egress.


How would you upload a video if it was possible?

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I would assume using the same dialog you use to upload images and/or dragging and dropping.