Vex robotics v5 code

Vex robotics integration. Allow you to run the imported vex package. Running simulator that can help test autonomous performance or general code logic.
I don’t know anything that can run vex v5 code simulations at all. This would make it easier to program vex programs without a robot.

I think this is more a feature request and not a problem encounter. It hasn’t been done before but I don’t see many people developing this. I’m not sure if it can be done not even from replit I know doesn’t specialize in simulation sort of things but I don’t think anything does. I just thought it was a cool feature that doesn’t really exist yet.


The problem is that 1. you can just use the UI to code with vex, as that requires hardware integration. and 2. Replit, on the other hand, runs on Google’s servers, not on your own computer which is connected to the vex robot. Hope this helps!

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