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Hi, so I recently was adding changes to a repl and it stopped working. I know I can go through file history to restore, but there are way too many files to search through. Is there a way where I can restore my repl through version history containing all of the changes. Sorta like google docs or something.

Hey, @SrikanthBala welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, this does not exist for us normal users.

Is there any way I can access his feature? Or can I contact support to see if they can recover it?

I think though dont quote me on that. cc: @ShaneAtReplit

How do I contact repl support?

Well the error thats showing up is a nix error, anyone know how to fix a nix error?

usually a problem with replit.nix and sometimes .replit. We might be able to tell with a link to a repl / a minimal repl which reproduces the issue

In future, you should use Tools > Git and commit every time you make a working change so that you can revert back to a previous commit. And you can use git diff <commit id> in shell to compare a commit with the current code, or git diff <commit id 1> <commit id 2> to compare two commits. Get the commit id from Tools > Git > ‘previous commits’

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You are correct. We do not yet have a project-wide history feature, although we do have interest in building this later down the line.


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