Verified Bounty Hunter

I applied when this first came out. Me and my friend filled it out the EXACT SAME, yet he got accepted, and I did not. A few weeks later I applied again, and I still didn’t get accepted.

They have since stop verifying people has bounty hunters. I am strongly against that but…

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But do you know what happened to my application? I never got something saying, “Sorry your application got denied.” I just have been sitting here wondering what happened to it lol. Did it get lost?

I dont think they sent people emails if their app was declined. I have asked something that would know


Because no one is accepting my bounties because the “verified hunters” get recommended above me.

Hey @JayAySeaOhBee14!

The issue might be related to our moderation queue, as described in this topic: Bounty Application Feedback And Acceptance - #10 by Qudusayo

Also, we have set you as a Verified Hunter. We apologize for the lack of response previously.


Thanks a lot. I really appreciate this. I’m now verified too

It still doesn’t show up:


I had the most well-thought-out response and it puts me at the bottom:
Technical Support for New SaaS Company - Replit

@not-ethan @ShaneAtReplit any updates?

Hey @ShaneAtReplit
Me too have applied for this but do not get response

As I posted here, this is related to our moderation queue which we run through daily.

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No the application is there, but it still doesn’t show that I am a verified hunter.

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Ah, I apologize for the misunderstanding. I’ve asked the team how often we run through the verified hunters queue!

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Well a little over a week ago you said this, so do you mean that you put me in the queue or that it should actually say, “Verified Hunter” above my name?

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The team had verified the wrong user, but I didn’t notice that until now. I’ve let them know and will follow up as soon as this is fixed!


Hey @ShaneAtReplit
Could you please fix that me too because I have for this too and do not get response and get verified hunter
Please solve this as soon as possible