"Verified Bounty Hunter" badge and perks are unfair to the normal users

The bounty hunter can check out their projects. I’ve been rejected before and they choose and normal hunter before. And I’m verified. I think your wrong here.

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Never said I was in the right or wrong but alright.

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The reason the verified hunters are at the top is because verified hunters have been evaluated by their skill set by the Replit team. The Replit team gives verified hunter badges to good replers

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I had reached out to Soren, a Replit Team Member, about 2 months ago about a close issue on Discord. Here’s the conversation(Just what I remember. I deleted the conversation.):

Me: Can you make it so only verified hunters can apply for bounties? It’s hard for me to score a bounty with all the people applying.

Soren: We made it available for everyone to apply because there are so many good bounty hunters out there without the badge.

A few other less important words were talked.

But you guys get the point.

Same! Either that or deleted altogether.

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