"Verified Bounty Hunter" badge and perks are unfair to the normal users

in my honest opinion, the whole “verified hunter” thing is very biased and doesnt give the opportunity to claim bounties to the normal people, its understandable to have a few people with the verified hunter badge but when alot of people have it and they apply to bounties, the normal applications are pushed down by 4-5.

I found out about replit bounties yesterday and have applied to around 15 of them with a good portfolio and explanations of how I’ll implement them yet 90% of the times when someone is chosen, its someone with an application that’s very small and non-descriptive at all like “hey there, I’m a top replit bounty hunter and I can get the job done quickly” which makes no sense and is absolutely unfair

I’ve seen many long applications describing their skills and experiences that are overqualified to get the job done, only to end up at the bottom of the applications list because of the verified bounty hunters

I think verified bounty hunter should be assessed on skills, not on “if they submitted their application before the feature went live” and even after, their applications shouldnt be on top of normal people’s, imo it should be sorted by the time the application was submitted.


As a “Verified Bounty Hunter” who feels like I’m getting special treatment for my tag rather than my skillset, I do agree! I think this system should be made fairer and like Assassin said, should be based on ones ability to complete tasks to a satisfactory extent.

I don’t think I would’ve gotten my streak of 5 bounties in a day without first having that tag that “elevated” my status.


You can get the role by completing this form (Replit Bounty Hunter Program) and getting accepted


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Those are good points but that badge shows that we are trusted and wont try to scam the bounty poster out of cycles. And having that badge does not mean you will get the bounty. Currently I have applied to 1 bounty been accepted for 2, completed one and got rejected/somebody else was accepted eight times. So that badge does not guarantee you will be acepted


A good application can also show someone’s trust level. if That’s a concern, why not implement a rating system or for example a “join date”?


I agree with you, although even if the badge serves the purpose of “trust”, there shouldnt be any other perks whatsoever. If a person lists a bounty and looks at the application, hes not going to scroll all the way down to see all of them, he’ll probably just choose the best one out of the top 5 or so, giving the top spots to the people with the badge is unfair to the normal people as they’ll always be at the bottom of the list

to be very honest I really like the idea of bounties on the application, the active posts are even better, although this whole thing kind of ruins it for me and other people since its really hard to get bounties even if you are qualified because of the whole verified hunter perks, it’ll reach an extent where many people would stop applying themselves just because of this system


You can make an app sound real and legit making it seem like you are trustworthy when you are not. And a rating system was suggested

WIth that badge alone I agree. But I do not know if the badge itself boosts them or because they have completed bounties before (cc: @ReplitIronclad does that badge give any other benefits?)

Thats definitely true for many people but some people will look at all the apps but that’s not to understate the number of people that do not.

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Its definitely the badge, I’ve seen people with 0 bounties completed at the top of the lists

I agree, even right now you can go to the bounties page and see that 95% of people accepted are verified bounty hunters, even see a few names repeating themselves on 4-5 different bounties, till now I’ve only seen 1 person who wasnt a verified bounty hunter accepted for a job.
Not to mention so many overqualified people applying but not getting anything, you can see atleast 3-4 long applications on every bounty describing themselves very technically and how they are fit for the job only to get outclassed by someone with the badge and a short message describing how they should choose them as they have it


You can sort the applications (by new to old or vice versa), but by default, it’s sorted by recommended. Recommended sorts the applications by number of completed bounties and whether a user is verified or not.


I completely understand this, but the verified bounty hunters have a lot of experience probably. I think the replit team should fix the algorithm for this.


Eh, its all in the Bounty poster’s choice on who they pick. Now, they are responsible for the quality of what they get based on who they choose. Just like managers in the workforce, posters have the ultimate tell on whether or not you get picked. An applicant can write a whole 5 paragraph essay listing past experience and accolades, but one simple Verifed Hunter tag can make one or two sentences look like the Sistine Chapel.

Now, do I want to change the tags influence? Kind of. While I think that the poster should be held accountable for who they choose, and the resulting product quality that results, I also want a stricter criteria on which we give this tag. Filling out a form and lying through your teeth to win over the Replit staff to get the badge, and getting it, is an open door for scammers and con artists. A good criteria should include things like product quality from past bounties, poster ratings, and a background in compsci. The programming saying “garbage in, garbage out” applies here too. Hire crappy applicants, get crappy software.

A reporting system should be in place as well, as without one the Bounty system will be crawling wkth scammers. And, considering that a system to turn Cycles into cash has been put into development, this will only attract more scammers looking to make a quick buck. Reporting these types of people can help keep Replit clean of these aforementioned scammers.

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Certainly is a deviation from the usual stuff I spout out on here.

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I think the poster should always reach out to the applicants via email or discord before picking someone for the bounty, so they can learn about the applicants’ skillsets and who would fit for the bounty. Maybe the badge influences who they would reach out to first, but honestly that does not matter, because if none of the hunters with the badge fit for the bounty, then the poster can always reach out to the other hunters without the badge.

In short, the badge only influences who the poster will contact first. Nothing more than that.


A verified hunter is a manually-selected person who signed up for the early beta iirc? Aside from getting a “Verified Hunter” badge on bounty applications, I think that’s about it.


The form is still able to be filled out so I think its just who ever fills it out and a staff member gives it a thumbs up.


nope, not at all.

“verified” has nothing to do with the hunters’ levels. it is just a given badge. There is simply no exam to test your knowledge.

I am one of the early applicants for the program. I thought this would be fun but I did not find anything suitable for me. Now, this badge took the fun and made it a business which is just agitating to me so I did not apply to be a verified one.

I would rather have a “trusted” badge than this with a background check.


That requires that Replit knows who you are and personal details about you. And I don’t want to provide an id or anything to be a bounty hunter.


I said probably u know :smiley:


I agree. Trusted would be better than Verified, but I think that part of the issue is that, as far as I know, there isn’t a way to get the Verified badge anymore so it’s just going to be the early testers with the badge.

If there was a way to get it (maybe 5 completed bounties and then an admin can review the bounties and decide whether or not to grant the badge), I think it would be a much better system.