Utilizing Local Storage in Python

I recently started working on a collab, and we want to store/call user data in replit. However, the prototype became very popular, and the replit db ran out of storage. How can we use local storage in Python to store data locally, rather than using replits db (js files are fine, but it needs to be copy and pastable, with instructions to run it from python).

So basically, when you run a (non-website) Repl you don’t own from the cover page, Replit will automatically fork the Repl (this is known as a ghost fork).

So, there is no good way to store it locally as the ghost forks mean it will not persist.

Therefore, you could try reducing the amount of database storage your repl uses.
According to the docs, the limits are:

50 MiB per database (sum of keys and values)
5,000 keys per database
1024 bytes per key
5 MiB per value

Which limit are you hitting?

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Expecting to hit the keys limit at a point.


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