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I am new to coding. I just started a class on programming in Python and it is asking me:

“In the rightmost window of the IDE, use your mouse to click to the right of the > command prompt”

I am not seeing this anywhere. Is anyone able to help? Thanks!

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Hi @cindypacheco622 , welcome to tbe forums!
You’ll need to be in the repl first. Actually, could you send the chunk of instructions? Just a copy and paste would be fine. Also, please attach a screenshot.

This is the link they are having me use.

And these are the instructions. They don’t really tell me anything else.

"After you complete this section, you should be able to explain the difference between int and float. There are deeper reasons (beyond the scope of this course) why you might distinguish between these data types; those have to do with how they are represented within a computer system. Our goal for this section is simply to be able to visually identify integer and floating-point numbers. On this page, you will see more examples of int and float.

The int data type refers to integer numerical data. In the rightmost window of the IDE, use your mouse to click to the right of the > command prompt. Next, type the integer 2 and press the “enter” key on your keyboard. You should see the IDE echo the value back to the screen. Try this a few times with other examples to be sure you understand the int data type."

I got to the, which is where I think I am supposed to be to find the command prompt.

The ‘command prompt’ is the Shell, where you enter Bash commands. The Console is where the output of your code will show.
Hope this helps!

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To be able to enter python code into the console, use the Python with Prybar template (click Use Template button).

Alternatively, you could go to the shell and first type in python or python -i command, before inputting any python code.


Thank you! This definitely helps

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That is technically incorrect, that tutorial seems to have been before the removal of prybar by default.

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Hm, the other way round?
The Console was where you could run code then it was like a Shell, then it became this current one.
So is the tutorial referring to the former or the latter.
But, the tutorial said

So are they saying to click on the Console? Or the Shell, which tab is next to the Console.

The console, in it’s original format.